It should be clear that anyone viewing Johan’s photos that he is an outstanding professional photographer with clear vision, skills, experience and, above all, a true gift for his art. However, he is operating in an extremely competitive field where the people who commission photographers have an extraordinatry range of choice. There are almost limitless photographers, galleries online and many photographers are very proactive in promoting themselves. Therefore there is a need to stand out from the crowd and offer something different from the rest. Of course, the quality of Johan’s photos do this to some extent, bus many commissioners are not that technically experienced to know why they will get so much more by booking Johan. In short, they need to be told! We know that Johan sees what others don’t and that there is a magical, almost mystical quality of his photos.


There is a real sensitivity to his approach and supreme understanding of light - especially the of natural rather than artificial light.

But there is a further quality about Johans work that really marks him out and it’s the fact that he takes photo’s in the same way that the great dutch masters created their paintings.

Johan is always looking for the light above everything else in his photo’s and uses natural light to bring his photo’s to life, accentuate details, highlight expressions and relationships and create simply stunning images.


Like most great artists - and particular the great dutch masters like Vermeer and Rembrandt - Johan is a naturally gifted artist who understands that the absolut key element in any great painting or photo is the use of light. All else is almost secundary.

This is also why Johan is a Hasselblad expert, due to the camera’s unparalleled ability to capture light and deliver breathtaking results. In the same ways as the great dutch masters used oils and canvas as their preferred medium, Johan’s preference is for Hasselblad - although of course he is also a master of digital photography.

Johan will wait as long as it takes for the light to be just right. At that perfect moment all time stops, all life is blocked out, as the focus is wholly on capturing that pose, that building, that interaction, that expression.

For this reason, Johan knows exactly what he wants and how to get it - that’s why he does does things his individual way and is in a different league to so many other photographers. Johan’s natural approach has a drama, honesty and integrity which is rare to find.

So Johan is the Grand Master Photographer. But there’s another important element tot his photography which we should also highlight. What Johan also does through his photography is he tells a story - Johan is a storyteller.

It’s a fact, people love stories. Storytelling is one of the most ancient gifts and een the most gifted motivational speakers and presenters of today know that there’s not better way to grab and hold an audience’s attention that to say ‘I want tot tell you a story...”

People what to be in-the-now, to have something revealed to them, to understand the secrets until now hidden from them. Why do I love this photo? What makes it special? Why did the photographer compose it this way, use that model, adopt that angle, etc. etc.?




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