Johan will wait as long as it takes for the light to be just right. At that perfect moment all time stops, all life is blocked out, as the focus is wholly on capturing that pose, that building, that interaction, that expression.

There is a real sensitivity to his approach and supreme understanding of light - especially the of natural rather than artificial light.

But there is a further quality about Johans work that really marks him out and it’s the fact that he takes photo’s in the same way that the great dutch masters created their paintings.
By being told, we are taken into the photographer’s world, as if into his confidence. Now we ‘see’ so much more - we too ‘see what others perhaps don’t ‘. We now know he waited all day for the light to hit the building in such a way. We perhaps know the relationship betrween the barber and the man he is shaving and how it is reflected in their faces. We understand more about the juxtaposition of a ballerina with the Eiffel Tower.
Suddenly the photos are so much more, because we know more of the story behind them. This can be reveled in one short paragraph of copy beside the photo as if written by something, the angle expresses something, the facial expressions are hiding something etc. etc.  The viewer feels privileged, knowledgeable, appreciative. The photographer’s arts as a storyteller is now seen so much more clearly and quality of the photos has been enhanced.


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