About Johan van der Horn

ABOUT ME. As an art photographer, Johan van der Horn pursues his craft on the boundaries of past, present and future. His artistic achievements were once awarded with golden cameras - an unreachable dream for most fellow photographers. Van der Horn has an impressive track record in countless spheres of photography.

Johan van der Horn is a child of his time', using the latest cutting-edge digital techniques, yet without giving in to trite manipulation. He utilizes the extremely sophisticated technology only in order to capture and record reality in its most subtle nuances. If we were to speak of any kind of manipulation, it would be the self-willed way in which Johan tries to place the fragments of the world around him in a different, new perspective. This process of redirecting emphasizes the expressive power of the images, often endowing them with symbolic value, thus speaking straight to the heart and evoking many associative sensations...

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